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It’s a dream for many motorists: to escape the tight confines of your car and experience the rush of fresh air as you zoom across the open road. Motorcycles are a blast to ride. However, just like cars, they are susceptible to accidents and damage. Also, similar to car owners, motorcyclists are legally required to have motorcycle insurance in almost every state.

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How does Illinois motorcycle insurance work?

The experience of operating a car versus a motorcycle is quite different. Fortunately, for simplicity’s sake, insurance functions in essentially the same way for both types of vehicles. One of the few differences between Illinois car insurance and motorcycle insurance is “guest passenger liability.” As a feature of some motorcycle insurance policies, this covers the costs of a passenger harmed while riding on the back of your motorcycle.

Just as the legalities of car insurance policies vary by state, the same is true of motorcycle insurance. Talk with a motorcycle insurance company to fully understand any other differences that may exist in your area. Regardless of where you live, we typically recommend a motorcycle insurance policy that covers any costs associated with injuries to yourself and others, as well as damage to your bike and other property.

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How do I find cheap Illinois motorcycle insurance rates?

As with other types of insurance, you’ll want to make your Illinois motorcycle insurance company aware of any measures you’ve taken that make you a less risky customer. Have you passed training courses? Are you an experienced rider with a clean history? Is your motorcycle stored in a safe, locked environment? Make sure you discuss with your insurer all possible discounts and try to take advantage of as many as you can. On top of these discounts, assuming you already have car insurance, check with your provider to see if you can add motorcycle insurance to your plan at a bundled rate.

Here in Illinois, it’s worthwhile to ask about a “lay-up” policy. Thanks to the cold and snowy weather, many riders have several months in which their bikes are not being used. Some Illinois insurance companies offer reduced coverage and rates during this annual period. The type of motorcycle you drive will also impact your insurance rate. Higher-end models such as Harley Davidsons are more costly to insure than cheaper bikes.

How much Illinois motorcycle insurance coverage should I have?

Just as with car insurance, almost every state legally requires a minimum level of motorcycle insurance. As Illinois’ Department of Motor Vehicles website spells out, Illinois requires that riders have an insurance policy that covers the following, at a minimum: $15,000 of property damage coverage per accident; $20,000 of coverage for injuries to, or death of one person in an accident; and $40,000 of coverage for injuries to, or deaths of more than one person in an accident.

We recommend purchasing additional motorcycle insurance beyond this required liability coverage. It’s never pleasant to consider what might happen in the event of an accident, but knowing you have enough insurance to cover the expenses of a major accident will help to set your mind at ease.

If you drive a newer, expensive bike, you’ll especially want to consider an Illinois motorcycle policy . Comprehensive coverage kicks in if your bike is stolen or damaged in some way other than a collision, such as in a fire or a storm. If you have made a lot of modifications to your bike or installed custom parts, you may also want to ask your insurer about additional coverage for the increased replacement costs.

If you have an older bike that you don’t regularly ride, vintage Illinois motorcycle insurance may be perfect for you. Often tacked onto your comprehensive insurance, this type of coverage is meant for classic motorcycles that would require more expensive repairs or replacement parts.

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