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With many products and services, it can be very tempting to reach for the most affordable solution. This is often a smart strategy as a shopper since some items are overpriced and many cheaper options are just as good, if not better than their costlier counterparts. With our decades of experience in the Illinois car insurance industry, we urge you not to apply this strategy when you’re shopping for auto insurance. Here’s why cheap car insurance isn’t worth the savings.

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Poor Service

With car insurance, service is incredibly important. When you’re dealing with your car insurance company, it will typically be at a highly stressful time following an unpleasant event. This is certainly not the time to start an endless game of phone tag with your auto insurance agent as you desperately need assistance to repair or replace your car.

You need an Illinois car insurance company that will reliably respond to your auto insurance queries and hold up their end of the bargain when you file a claim. We’ve all heard horror stories of friends or relatives who had a car accident and dealt with a car insurance company that denied their claim or delayed it for a long period of time.

Limited Coverage

Cheap Illinois car insurance often means poor or limited coverage. Sure, that low monthly premium is attractive when you start the vehicle insurance policy, but what about when it comes time to make a claim and you find out you’re not covered? This happens all too often to unsuspecting car insurance customers. We believe in the old saying that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Peace of mind should be a major consideration when purchasing car insurance. You don’t want to be white-knuckling it down the road constantly because you fear that an accident would be catastrophic for your finances.

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Unexpectedly High Costs

While some Illinois car insurance providers may portray themselves as being the most affordable option on the market, it’s worth the time to fully investigate their offerings. If you’re not careful, you could end up signing on to a surprisingly costly auto insurance policy. Your monthly premium may be dirt cheap, but if you’re involved in an accident and make a claim, you might discover an exorbitantly expensive deductible. Make sure you’re fully aware of the details of your vehicle insurance policy to avoid encountering this problem.

What Should I Look For?

Overall, not all affordable car insurance is bad. We just want to convey the importance of doing your due diligence as a customer to fully examine what your potential vehicle insurance provider does and doesn’t offer. At the very least, look into each car insurance company you’re considering to ensure there aren’t complaints of horrible service or other issues, and double check that the auto insurance coverage you need is actually provided by the insurer. Keep in mind that things that sound too good to be true often are. 

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