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As a homeowner, your comfort and security hinges on confidence in your Homeowners Insurance policy. As a homeowners insurance company in Chicago, we understand your needs and the policy you require to protect your home. This mandatory insurance protects you from financial risk as well as potential liability, and we offer complimentary homeowners insurance quotes upon your request. The benefits you will enjoy include:

  • Medical Payment Coverage: This protects you and your family when another party becomes injured on your property with medical payments issued to the injured party up to the amount of your coverage. Coverage does not apply to injuries you or your family incur on your property.
  • Liability Insurance: This type of coverage protects you from potential liability that occurs when another party suffers injuries on your property. Should the injured party file suit for damages, your coverage pays for an attorney and covers claims.
  • Property Insurance: When your home sustains damage due to fire, theft or storms, property insurance pays for repairs or rebuilding of your home and other insured buildings. It also covers the expense of staying in a hotel and the repair or replacement of damaged items in your home. Depending on the terms of your coverage, a separate rider covers events such as tornados, earthquakes and floods.
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost: This addition to your property insurance allows you to replace missing or damaged items in your home based on the actual replacement cost of those items. Although homeowners insurance will cover the basics, you enjoy complete recovery from your loss with a replacement-cost policy.
  • Refrigerated Products: This addition to your policy provides reimbursement for the food products lost in your refrigerator or freezer.
  • Building Guaranteed Replacement Cost: This addition to your property insurance extends the amount that your policy will pay to rebuild your home. By adding approximately 20% to the limits of standard property insurance, it is the most complete property coverage available in Chicago.
  • Inflation Guard: By keeping up with inflation, your coverage limit will be automatically raised on an annual basis. The best homeowners insurance will include this service for assurance of complete coverage when you suffer a loss.
  • Sewer Backup and Sump Pump Overflow Coverage: This includes coverage for your finished or unfinished basement should you suffer a loss due to sewage or sump pump issues and damage.

Illinois Insurance Center is a full-service homeowners Insurance provider in Chicago. Our knowledgeable team provides all types of insurance for your needs, and we represent many carriers. For the best homeowners insurance, please contact us today.

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