Get a Quote for Life Insurance Today

Choosing the correct Chicago life insurance policy to protect your family financially should you pass can be a challenge. Our team is here to help! We focus on two main types of life insurance: Term and Whole. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best for less! Talk to our team to get a Chicago life insurance quote today.

Term Life Insurance

If you need a large amount of coverage over a short period of time, then term life insurance may be the best life insurance for you. A term is typically 1-20 years, or until you reach the age of 60-65.

Term life insurance tends to be cheaper life insurance compared with whole life insurance in Chicago. Coverage can end either when you stop paying your premium, or the term runs out. Some term life insurance policies are renewable, or are easily transferable to a whole life policy without needing to check if you are in good health. One of our agents would be happy to help you with a term life insurance quote.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is for individuals who are interested in being covered for the rest of their life. One great feature of a whole life insurance plan is that you are guaranteed lifetime coverage, in most cases. There are a few exceptions that an agent can let you know about. As an added bonus, your policy accumulates cash value over time!

Our mission at Illinois Insurance Center is to provide you with the best for less. We work with many different carriers to get you the best policy for your personal or business needs in Chicago. Please contact us to talk to an agent about a quote today!